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Welcome to Royal West Academy, a magnet school built on a tradition of excellence. Our program consists of both a challenging academic curriculum, and a wide variety of sport, cultural, and community service activities. Our dedicated faculty and parents, and our caring, generous, and gifted students, work together to ensure a high quality educational experience and an attitude of responsibility and commitment to society.

We at Royal West believe there is no one school that can meet the needs of every student. We hope that the information presented on our site will help you decide on the best educational environment for you or your child.

The authorization to select our students, granted to Royal West under the Education Act, allows us to provide a learning situation which cannot be experienced in any other school, public or private. Last year well over 700 applicants, originating from more than 80 different schools, applied to join our community. The final mix is a cosmopolitan experience involving students from all over the island as well as many from off-island.

Thank you for visiting with us, and please don’t hesitate to contact the school should you require more information.