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You embark on a journey…a journey to a destination beyond the horizons of time, of your knowledge and experience, a destination which for you still does not exist. You can make it exist. You have already journeyed for some time now – you have some knowledge, some experience. You must use this to know who you are. Only then can you know where you are going, many years from now. Go, learn, experience, think…..


Career Tests, Interactive Sites and Career Information Sites

Career Tests


Youth resource network of Canada
Find self assessments on interests, skills, etc., information about occupations, training and education needed for specific occupations, job search techniques, job opportunities, and much more!

You can search colleges and universities by province or in alphabetical order, you can search careers in alphabetical order by industry, and you can even do some interest and aptitude quizzes to learn more about yourself!


Interactive Sites


Work Info Net

A collection of different internet sites related to career development. Click on “about us” to get “how to use this site”, or on “site map” to get a description of the categories of sites, so that you can choose your area of interest (i.e. occupations and careers, learning, education and training, labour market information and outlook, etc.). From there you will be guided to different internet sites offering all sorts of valuable information.

Career Information Sites
Look into the future

This site contains good information from Human Resources and Development Canada which looks at occupations, the education and training needed, possible earnings and current and future labour market conditions. A second part to this site looks at the work experience of post-secondary graduates in 155 fields of study and job projections for the coming years.