A Reminder to Assess Your Health Every Morning

Reminder to assess your health every morning

Dear students and colleagues,

Your cooperation in monitoring your symptoms is required. The Public Health authorities ask that you assess your health each morning, before reporting to school or work.

This on-line assessment tool will help you determine if can report to school/work or should stay home and seek further assessment for COVID-19.


Rappel pour évaluer votre état de santé tous les matins

Chers élèves et collègues,

Votre coopération pour surveiller vos symptômes est requise. Les autorités de santé publique vous demandent d’évaluer votre santé chaque matin avant de vous présenter à l’école ou au travail.

Cet outil d’évaluation en ligne vous aidera à déterminer si vous pouvez vous présenter à l’école/au travail ou devez demeurer à la maison et consulter pour une évaluation plus approfondie pour COVID-19.

(la version en français est disponible en cliquant sur l’onglet à droite sur le questionnaire)



RWA Virtual Open House – September 15, 2020

Normally, our Open House night is a very busy and informative night for prospective students and their parents/ guardians.  The whole school is abuzz with activities, presentations and treats.  Unfortunately, this year, we’ve had to adopt a virtual format.  In order to provide a glimpse into life at RWA, members of our Student Life Association have put together a video for your viewing pleasure.  We are excited to be launching our Open House video in the afternoon of Tuesday, September 15 (come back and check it out!).

It is important to us that you still have an opportunity to ask questions to our staff.  Please click on the following link to complete our Open House Virtual Info Request form (https://forms.gle/MP9SpLt7GDgtWArz8).  We will compile all the questions received and publish an Open House Q&A document on our website.  Deadline to submit questions is September 18, 2020 at 9:00PM.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Entrance Exam 2021-2022

Applications for Grade 7 are now Open.

Please be reminded that the Qualifying Tests for the academic year 2021-2022 are on the following days:

Saturday, September 26, 2020 (Student last name A-L), at 8:30-12:00

Sunday, September 27, 2020 ( Student last name M-Z), at 8:30-12:00

Students should report to the Auditorium, as of 8:00 a.m, with two HB pencils and an eraser. Students may wish to bring a snack and water.

Parents may wait for their children in the Easton parking lot beginning at 11:30.




RWA Statement About Anti-Racism


Dear RWA community,

As everyone is aware, we are living in very unprecedented times.  In addition to the challenges that we have been facing based on COVID-19, the impact of the recent death of George Floyd has been felt across the globe.  This senseless tragedy has sparked a conversation across nations that has prompted us to acknowledge systemic injustice, racism and police bias.

We acknowledge that members of our community experience incidents of systemic racism personally, and our students of colour specifically, experience trauma as a result.  We, as a school, will evaluate how we address the topic of race and culture, and more broadly, how we can make a better effort to ensure that our Black students and, in fact, all of our students of colour feel supported by our school environment.  We acknowledge that we have not put emphasis on Black history, anti-racist issues, and indeed, other topics that are important to lack students and other students of colour. We recognize that these omissions have marginalized our students of color and denied all of our students the opportunity to benefit from a richer understanding of the complex historical and current issues of race and culture. 

Our goal is to strive to learn and move forward in a positive, constructive manner.  We must make educating our students on anti-racist issues a priority.  We will look to provide all of our students with opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, to learn and discuss issues that affect people of colour and highlight the historical context of these important topics.

Our students of colour have made a great impact in helping us to modify our practices here at RWA in order to help ensure better inclusivity.  Some of our Black students met with RWA Administration back in February and presented positive solutions on how we could improve the situation at our school.  Their feedback and initiative were greatly appreciated and have inspired us to take action and implement changes in our school.  Some of these changes will involve increasing awareness of cultural diversity, emphasis on Black History Month, discussions with teaching staff to include these topics within their classroom environment and developing activities of cultural significance.  We are, as well, committed to creating solutions and continuing this discussion with our students, staff and larger community.

It is the responsibility of all members of our school community to promote diversity, tolerance and anti-racism.  With that in mind, we wish to provide a list of resources that can be accessed by everyone in order to help us deepen our understanding of racism and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Just as our political leaders, law enforcement, and citizens can evolve as a society, we will look inward and do the same.


Royal West Academy


Anti Racism Resource List #1

Anti Racism Resource List #2