Supplemental Exams – Registration Deadline Monday, November 13th

Attention Grade 10 & 11 students.  From January 10th – 19th, the EMSB will be offering supplemental exams for students who wrote any of the following exams last year:

  • 565-410 & 565-420 (Sec 4 Math SN; C1 & C2)
  • 085-404 & 585-404 (Histoire/History of Quebec & Canada)
  • 555-410 (Science & Technology theory)
  • 565-506 (Sec 5 Math SN; C1 & C2)
  • 563-410 & 563-420 (Sec 4 Math CS&T; C1 & C2)

Please note that the only Sec 4 students who can register to write a supplemental exam are students who were in Math 3A last year.

If you wish to retake an exam from the above listed, please ensure you speak to Mr Manstavich by Monday, November 13th end of day at the latest.”


A Day in The Life of a RWA Student

A concert was planned for the RWA students. The students were able to listen from their classrooms.

What a brilliant idea! Thank you for a wonderful performance.

Band Directed by Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Macleod

UN Debate

Who doesn’t like to dress up! Take a peak into our sec 5 UN debate.


RWA Virtual Variety Show

Alyssa Mirarchi the President of SLA

Dear RWA faculty, students, and families,

This year, a lot has changed, but luckily, SLA has found a way to salvage one of Royal West’s greatest annual traditions in a covid-safe and virtual manner. We’ve prerecorded a number of acts submitted by students and staff members and are ready to put our school’s talents under the spotlight! Here are a few clips taken from our wonderful event.

To all of our students that participated in our Virtual Variety Show, thank you for making this year a memorable one.


In Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Royal West Academy SLA committee has organized a special activity for our students this week. A Post-it was distributed to every student with the instruction to write something that they are grateful for and post it on their homeroom door.

You are not Alone! Whether or not you recognize it, you are surrounded by love.

More photos to comes.


National Administrative Professional’s Day

National Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Secretaries Day or Admin Day, recognizes the professionals who keep an office running smoothly every day.

Here are some of the people behind the scene. They are the engine of Royal West Academy!

You are not just a office worker but a mentor and inspiration to our kids. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

Message from the Secretaries:

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

It is a joy working in such an amazing ambiance. We love you RWA!