Mission and Goals of RWA

Royal West Academy is an alternative high school with a limited enrollment. Its mission is to provide a structured milieu in which students are committed to academic achievement, bilingualism, computer literacy, an appreciation of the arts, an understanding of social issues and a sense of community responsibilities.

The staff and administration encourage the development of self-discipline, learning and interpersonal skills, a strong sense of responsibility and self-esteem in the students.

The goals of Royal West Academy are:

1)   To provide an atmosphere that encourages students to realize their potential and encompasses not only academic development, but also the social and physical well-being of students.

2)   To promote responsible actions, self-discipline, and mutual respect through a structured environment.

3)   To promote respect for cultural diversity and an understanding of social issues.

4)   To offer a curriculum enriched with accelerated content.

5)   To develop in all students the ability to function bilingually.

6)   To develop in all students the ability to use information technology effectively.

7)   To foster an appreciation of the arts.

8)   To provide continuity and support through a “Teacher-Advisor” system.

9)   To support students’ personal development through the compulsory extra-curricular program that includes athletic, cultural, environment and community service activities.

10) To provide a milieu in which parents, students and staff share the responsibility for achieving the mission and goals of Royal West Academy.