Members 2022-2023

Public email address for our Governing Board is

A public question period is included on the agenda at the end of the meeting. The period will not exceed 10 minutes and is for questions to be addressed to the Chair of the governing board only. Public must understand that the topic raised must be appropriate to the functions and powers of the governing board. Persons interested in making a presentation must make a request to the school principal at least one week prior to the meeting. Parents interested in attending a virtual governing board meeting must make the request in writing to the school principal at least three days prior to the meeting, to receive a joining code/ link.

Parent Members

David Stolow Parent (Chairperson)
Jacqueline Stein-Elman Parent (Vice-Chairperson)
Alison Crump Parent
Jaime Roskies Parent
Jessica Houde- Wyotiuk Parent
Tania D’Alessandro Parent
Earl Rubin Parent
Renee Figlarz Parent
Stella Wen Parent / Alternate Member
Filomena Corrado Parent / Alternate Member

Teacher Members

Jason Chen Teacher
Jeff Bateman Teacher
Leigh Partington Teacher
Sheila Macleod Teacher
Patrick Stewart-Reid Teacher / Alternate
Suzanne Amro Teacher
Charles Northey Teacher
Ginette Purdy Teacher / Alternate

School Staff Members

Chad Dumond Professional Non-Teaching Staff
Michal Wineberg Professional Non-Teaching Staff
Stephanie Germain Professional Non-Teaching Staff
Sadia Di Pietro Professional Non-Teaching Staff

Student Members

Marilena Sahlas-Roy Student / SLA co-President
Saige Shrier Student / SLA co-President

Community Members

Mahesh Sharma
Elisa B Baynes

EMSB Commissioner and RWA Administration

Joseph Lalla Commissioner
Tony Pita Principal
Steven Manstavich Vice-Principal
Catherine Lumsden Interim Vice-Principal