What We Do

Growing up means making choices about :
Values         Friends         Life-Styles         School         Work

Your SCHOOL COUNSELLOR is there to help you.
He/she is a person who can help you understand
yourself so you can learn to make better decisions
about your life.

TOGETHER you and your counsellor will:
– DISCUSS your needs and feelings
– EXPLORE alternatives

Your counsellor can also provide:

TESTING to help determine your interests and abilities.
INFORMATION about jobs, careers, colleges, schools

So, do you need help with: -SCHOOL

Your school counsellor is there to help you.

Guidance Program

At RWA the Guidance Department also offers a Guidance Program beginning in grade 7.


Cycle 1: Passages Program

Program Philosophy: This program, which is obligatory for all grade 7 & 8 students, covers some of the issues facing youth as they enter high school. These concerns were identified in an earlier needs survey administered to grade 7 & 8 students at Royal West Academy. The Passages program integrates guidance, classroom, and library activities in addressing these issues. What follows is a description of the various needs, the activities which address them, and the potential outcomes for students.

Study Skills and Learning Style: Grade 7 achievement testing and study skills workshop. “I can describe my strengths and weaknesses in doing school work and develop strategies to improve.”

Decision-Making: Grade 7 workshops. “I can describe the steps in decision-making that work for me, and I can better deal with pressures like substance abuse.”

World of Work: Grade 7 career research project. “I can describe a variety of job areas needing different levels of education, training, and performance.”

Planning: Grade 7 and 8 career folder. “I can describe and plan academic courses that may enhance and affect my school career.”

Self-Understanding: Grade 8 class workshops. “I can describe how I make friends and how I can convey a positive self-image to others. I can describe some of my beliefs and values and how they affect the decisions I make.”

Interests: Grade 8 interest test. “I can identify and explain my main areas of interest and begin to make connections to the world of work.

Cycle 2: Career Exploration

Career Exploration is a programme for grade 10 and 11 students through which they can explore an occupation of their choice by visiting the actual place of employ and experiencing a typical working day. The placement can be of day to a 2 day duration. Enrolment takes place in October.

The Hospital Opportunity Program for Students (HOPS) provides an opportunity for students to observe and assist medical personnel within a large hospital setting. The Auxiliary of The Jewish General Hospital arranges for students to spend day per week for 2 five-week periods in various departments of the hospital. Students interested in participating in this program must be in Secondary V and be prepared to make a commitment to participating in the entire program. This includes completing all necessary documentation, attending regularly on the assigned days and participating in the evening lectures that are organized by the HOPS Committee for the further education of the students. Signing up takes place in September. The program has a limited enrolment capacity.

Classroom visits: At various times during the year counsellors visit grades 9, 10, and 11 classes to distribute information regarding the opportunities which are available to students after graduation. Issues vis-à-vis course choice and career planning are discussed.

Each November, the counselling department hosts a CEGEP/University Evening at the school. Representatives from English-language CEGEPs and universities in Montreal and Ottawa are in attendance. This is a must for grade 11 students and their parents, and grade 10 students and parents are encouraged to attend.

The Career Centre in the Guidance Office contains helpful information on CEGEPs and other educational and occupational prospects. The information is contained in books, pamphlets, on the internet, and on interactive CD-ROMs. Students may make appointments to use the computer to explore career areas or to get a better idea regarding their own interests.

The school library contains numerous publications in its career section and is a valuable resource for students. They are encouraged to regularly refer to these publications.