Study Skills

Our Guidance Department provides all grade 7 students with a study skills training program in the spring to help them learn about their own learning styles, as well as develop good study skills and working habits. Included are topics such as effective listening, reading and note-taking.

The Career Centre has a study skills CD-ROM, designed to help you learn more effective study skills. It begins by helping you assess what your own learning style is. It then gives tips and techniques with explanations about why certain techniques will work better for you, according to your learning style. It provides exercises to help you practice new techniques, which in turn helps you to choose which ones you like best. There is a section on organization which covers time management, note-taking, and you can even print out your own assignment calendar. It also includes Test Taking Skills, which helps you know how to better prepare for a test or exam as well as how to be more effective with different styles of exams. Come and check it out in your RWA Career Centre!